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Are you new to the exciting world of online gambling slots? Well, for starters, let’s inform you that Ireland has brought forth a host of laws to ensure that the whole gambling ecosystem becomes more user-friendly and interesting. With a range of themed slots gaining priority over others, the overall gaming experience, security measures, and variety of payment options have increased considerably. 

As you move down this article, you will get insights into some of the top characters and occasion-themed games, reasons why these thematic games have increased in popularity and some ‘core’ factors you must check before picking any online gaming site (whether they are in tune with the Irish laws). 

Top character-themed slot games to check out 

In recent times, some of the best online slots providers have come up with character-based slot games. Let’s have a look – 

  • CryptoLeo

Crypto Leo is a high-tech next-generation manged by UDM Processing Services Ltd. CryptoLeo offers the latest games from top-tier software developers such as Microgaming, Endorphina and Amatic. This gambling site is entirely focused on payments and withdrawals with cryptocurrencies. Available cryptocurrencies include Bitcoin, Cardano, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Tron, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple, Bitcoin Cash.

  • SlotVibe

Coming with a welcome package of 4000 euros, this Irish casino game has a magical theme set up with demi-gods and blood moons challenging each other against jaw-dropping graphics! With live games and up to 25% bonus amount, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t prefer playing this up! 

  • MyEmpire Casino 

One of the online games with a diverse range of themes interlinked into one (from the dark Vikings to the gates of Hades to the fierce Shark Times), this game comes with jackpot hits, free spins, and up to 110% returns. For the unversed, it has a 5-tier VIP program attached to it, open to all the players. 

  • Canine Carnage 

Unleash your beastly side with this online casino game with a host of features like bone collection and splitter wilds to entertain yourself! With a chance to win a massive 3000X return and free spins and multipliers – this casino game is worth every coin! 

  • BigBass Bonanza 

Fishing being the theme, this casino game is enabled with a 10-line and 5-reel format, and you can get a payback of 200X of the stake amount. A highly-volatile game with a return of 96.07%, this is one of the biggest winners in town! 

With a range of themes, the stance of online gambling has improved considerably. Do you wish to have a thrilling gambling experience? Then, you can always pick up some of these theme-based slots. 

Why are themed slots gaining such popularity? 

Did you like this listicle of character and occasion-themed slot games? Not just you, but most players love this. That does bring forth the query once again – what’s the reason for this popularity? Here’s a listing of some of them – 

  • A heightened thrill is the primary reason. The fact that you get to play thematic slots and win big – something that the Irish gambling portals have been making use of recently, has caught up with the people. 
  • Capitalizing on cultural trends is the second reason why these slot games are gaining popularity. Who doesn’t like to play according to the trends that are making it big in the market? 
  • The fact that it appeals to a diverse audience makes it all the more acceptable. Just because a trend is getting popular in Ireland or the UK, does not mean that it has to stay limited there. It’s time that the global audience gets a glimpse of the same. 
  • Creating brand awareness is another reason why thematic game slots are peaking on popularity charts. Most of these themes give a push to certain brands that feed on the ongoing market trends. It is a well-packaged marketing format that seems to bring in some good cash for the casino. 

What to check before kickstarting your game? 

Excited to kickstart your gaming? Going in for the gaming sites that will positively give you the highest returns? Hold your horses! Before you finalize the gaming site, you must cross-check these points – 

  1. Is the gambling site you are vouching for – legal? Check the list of registered online gambling sites in the Irish legal domain before you make your choice.
  2. How secure is the website? Only if the online gaming site functions under a minimum of double security layer to start with must you go for it. Check the specified details mentioned on the website (or connect with the concerned security team) before you move ahead to choose the one.
  3. Note down the website that gives you the highest returns and the mode of payment you are allowed to use. To ensure you are not left high and dry, see if the online website accepts the range of card and e-wallet payments as available. If it is a ‘cash-only’ or ‘bitcoin-only’ website, it is better to steer clear of the same. 

Once you are done taking care of these factors, can you breathe happily and enjoy the range of online casino games as authorized by the Irish authorities. 

Parting thoughts 

For the record, in recent times Irish online gambling portals have opened up a plethora of gaming options for the users. They have heavily invested in thematic slots with a high-bonus system, thereby making these portals an attractive choice for the newbies. With higher returns and lumpsum bonuses, without a doubt, the users are left wanting more. 

So, if you too have ventured into an online Irish gambling session, assuredly – you will enjoy the best gaming format. Just ensure that the security and legality associated with the online gambling site is watertight so that you do not face a security breach. 

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