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Roulette is one of the easiest-to-learn classic table games and is famous worldwide. Live online roulette for real money games has a real human dealer and a real table. A real dealer is a person with whom players communicate using video. The digital version allows game lovers to play it anywhere, anytime. Players need to put bets on different groups of numbers, one number, low or high numbers, odd or even numbers, and black or red colors.

Many online casinos provide free credits to new players. They are a good way to learn rules and practice diverse betting tips without investing money. Here, we’ll cover the 10 most popular games of online roulette for real money at CasinoHEX South Africa for safe play.

Classic Roulette Variants

Below are the different traditional variants that allow you to play roulette online for money South Africa:

European Roulette

The European format is the most common classic game in many countries outside the USA. It is preferred by many new and advanced players worldwide. The European wheel has 37 pockets, and one of the pockets’ has one zero. 

It does not have extra payouts or side bets. Plenty of players choose the variant because of the low house edge (2.70%). The players can place a total of 14 diverse bets using one bet. These wagers include from 1 to 18 numbers at one time. 

American Type 

It is the most famous variant available in offline American casinos. The American wheel has 38 pockets with one and double zeros. The odds for every bet are the same in American and European variants. A double zero in the wheel increases the house edge to 5.26%.

Usually, the rules are almost the same, except players can make five-number bets. The wager includes 0, 1, 2, 3, and 00 and has a 7.90% house edge. In a few variants, the players can place “call bets”. 

French Type 

It’s like the European variant. Every bet is the same, and double zero is absent. But the variant has other restrictions like “La Partage” and “En Prison.”

The “La Partage” rule says if a game player bets on an even money wager and the ball stops in the 0-slot, they will get a refund of half of their wager. If the player wins on the next spin, he/she gets the entire wagered amount without profits. But if the player loses the bet, the online casino cancels the whole amount.

As per the “En Prison” rule, the game player keeps their bet on the table for the next spin rather than receiving a wagered amount back.

Innovative Roulette Spin-offs

Modern online roulette real money has gained plenty of popularity recently, including: 

Multi-Wheel Roulette

It is a popular game, mainly in live and online casinos. The rules are similar to those of the roulette game. But it allows the players to play at multiple tables simultaneously. 

Mini Roulette 

Made by PlayTech, mini roulette is a more compact, simple, and young version of the traditional game. It is an ideal game for tablet and mobile users. This version offers players 12 numbers to wager on. Players can place bets on odd, even, black, or red colors, 1 to 6, and 7 to 12 numbers too.

Double Ball 

This gaming variant doubles the fun value with dual balls in play on a traditional roulette wheel simultaneously. Players launch the balls using a remote device. It’s the main feature of the game that sets it apart. These dual balls must be successful for outside wagers to win. 

Either ball must be successful for inside wagers to win. If both balls are successful, the players receive a double win. Players need to land both balls on the same chosen number to win the jackpot bet. 

Live Dealer Roulette Experiences

The advancement of live-streaming technology has made live roulette games more accessible than ever. They have a real ball, a human dealer, and a spinning wheel. Real interaction with the live dealer and access to realistic game assets on a user-friendly interface, such as live chat, real-time video streaming, and multiple camera angles, amazes players. 

These features allow the enthusiasts to enjoy an authentic play experience at their place of comfort. Most online live roulette casinos allow players to deposit cash to play the game. The most popular live roulette games at online casinos include:

Lightning Roulette

Made by Evolution, it’s a visually appealing real money online roulette game with an excellent user interface and environment. The game adds RNG lucky number wins to all game rounds. It offers players the opportunity to wager extra on a straight-up bet. 

Immersive Roulette

It has multiple camera angles and premium-quality graphics to enhance the live-play experience. Players can see slow-motion replays and even zoom in on the ball, landing in the winning pocket.

Speed Roulette

For busy players, speed roulette is an ideal option. It provides fast betting rounds and live action. 

VIP Roulette

The game comes in an attractive VIP offering. So, VIP players enjoy various live dealer table games customized according to their needs. 

Final Verdict About Real Money Roulette Games

Online roulette is one of the fastest-growing segments of the casino industry. The top online casinos are now using smart strategies to create fun for the players. Your personal preferences play an important role in determining the best variant for you. 

But before starting a real money roulette play, casino fanatics must ensure the gambling provider has a license from a reputed gaming authority like the Maltese Gaming Authority or the Gambling Commission of the UK. Another thing to check is the approval seal from iTech Labs and eCogra.

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