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Monopoly Live is a simple wheel game that is gaining popularity among casino game players. The game is a combination of the classic Monopoly board game and the live dealer casino gaming model. It allows players to spin the Monopoly wheel and win big by predicting the right number.

Let’s discuss how to play this exciting game and some essential tips that can enhance your success and gaming experience. Explore Monopoly, one of the best casino games available on the internet. 

What is a Monopoly Live Game?

Monopoly Live game was developed by Evolution Gaming, which is a leading provider of live casinos games. The objective of the game is your place the bet on the number where you think the wheel will stop. In the Monopoly game, you can bet on different numbers and segments.

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 How to Play The Monopoly Live Game? 

The Monopoly Live game rules are easy to understand. It suits both professional gamblers and beginners. Here we have listed all the steps that are involved in playing the wheel game:

Place Your Bets

The game begins when players place their bets on one or more than one of the wheel segments. The players can bet on various numbers like 1, 2. 5, 10 and on the bonus rounds that include “2 Rolls,” and “4 Rolls,” and “Chance.” 

Spin The Monopoly Wheel 

After the players have placed their bets, the dealers will spin the Monopoly wheel. The wheel will land on the segments that determine the players winning outcome.  

Get The Winning Payouts 

If your prediction is correct and the wheel stops on the number segment where you have placed your bet, then congrats, you are the winner. Your payout will depend on the odds that are linked with that number. 

Play the Bonus Round 

When the wheel stops on the 2 Rolls and 4 Rolls segments, then the players have a Monopoly Bonus live round. This round will take your gameplay to a new level where you can get even bigger winnings. 

 Monopoly Live Payouts

Following is the list of Payout that you can get for a successful bet: 

  • Your Bet – 1: 1
  • Your Bet- 2:2
  • Your Bet- 5:5
  • Your Bet- 10:10
  • Bonus Game- 2 Rolls
  • Bonus Game- 4 Rolls 
  • Cash Prize or Multiplier- Chance

 Tips to Win the Monopoly Live Game

Before placing your bets, you must follow the essential tips to get the best out of this game. 

  1. Know the Odds- Players must know the odds of the game that they can get with each wheel segment. It will help them to make the right betting decisions.
  2. Place a bet on 2 or 4 wheel–  By placing a bet on 2 Rolls and 4 Roll segment, and players have an opportunity to get the bonus round that can boost their winnings.
  3. Small bet on 5 or 10 segments- The probability of landing on the 5 or 10-wheel segments is only 20%. Therefore, players should place small bets on them to play the game without any tension. 

By following the above-mentioned tips, you can enhance your gameplay and winning probability. 

 Final Thoughts 

Monopoly is a live casino wheel game has something to offer for everyone. As you have understood the rules, payouts and tips, it is time to play the Demo version of the game. Strategize your game play and begin your real money gambling journey. Spin the wheel and win big. 

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