Online casino play is everywhere. Your aunt down the street is playing slots, your online friend is shaking up the blackjack tables, and you’re pretty sure that your co-worker is practicing their poker face for actual poker games. South Africans are loving online casino gaming, as this popular pastime is taking over the world at large. It’s the latest in a long line of hobbies that have swept the world, like baking sourdough, knitting, and even Words With Friends. Maybe it’s the game selection, or the fact that one can play for real money. Or, it’s the fact that online casinos are so easily accessible…

 You can play any time 

What’s the best thing about just about anything online? You can access it whenever you want, of course. The internet freed up our lives to fit in entertainment however and whenever we please. If that means scrolling Instagram at 6am, Googling the capital of Iceland at midnight, or having a spin on the pokies at 3pm, then we will do it. Unlike having to join a local game of poker on a certain time and day, or having to travel to go to a casino to play the machines and tables, online gambling means we get to gamble how we want, when we want.

 Deposit how you want it 

Typically, if you’re doing in-person gambling, you will need to hand over cash to the person who’s running the game, or at least exchange some cash for some casino chips. When you use an online casino, this isn’t the case. Online casinos accept almost any form of payment from bank transfers, to Visa and Mastercard, Stripe, and even cryptocurrencies, there is something for everyone’s financial configuration. Since many online casinos developed for South African audiences accept deposits in Rand this also means you don’t have to worry about currency exchange fees.

 All the latest games 

Unless you are playing at the biggest and best casino in the world it’s unlikely that you’ll find all the newest games available in one place. This is no so online! Instead, gaming providers come out with new titles all the time – particularly in the slots department. Online casinos license games from these providers so their catalogue gets an update as soon as a new title is released. Look for casinos that have games from a number of different gaming providers to ensure you’re getting the widest range on offer.

 Available on mobile 

Not everyone has a computer or laptop available for gaming online. Not everyone has the time to stop into a gaming cafe. But almost everyone has a mobile phone. Modern online casinos are built to not consume a lot of data, so that players can keep playing on mobile, without interruptions, without amassing a huge phone bill. With HTML5 casinos available straight from the browser, you don’t even have to download an app to get up and playing in no time.

 A bounty of bonuses 

Everyone loves something for free and online casinos have plenty of bonuses available for new and returning players. When browsing through lists of online casinos, you will find that most sites offer a sign-on bonus for new players. This might be a no deposit bonus, a match bonus, or free spins bonus, or even some combination of these. While bonuses for returning players typically aren’t as astounding, you might find some good deals if you sign up to the casino’s player’s club.

 Try before you buy 

Imagine if you sat down at a blackjack table and asking to play a practice round or three. You would get stared down and kicked off the table pretty swiftly! Luckily, in online casino land, most casinos will offer free versions of the games to play so you can get a feel for the style of gameplay. In these free to play version you will simply have fake money to bet with instead of the real money that you deposit.

 It’s just so easy 

Doesn’t everyone want to make their lives easier? Whenever we take a shortcut on our way to visit friends, whenever we write LOL instead of ‘that’s so funny’, whenever we eat a snack instead of cooking a meal – we’re making our lives easier. And that’s what online casinos do for people who like to play the tables and slots and have a bet. Instead of going to the trouble of seeking out physical gambling and actually going there, players can simply tap on their phones and have a similar experience. Sure, there will always be a place in the world for real-life casinos, but that’s for special occasions since it’s just so easy to jump online instead.

By Vinay

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