WPT Online Poker

WPT online poker offers an exciting yet challenging skill combination where players combine their statistics, awareness, and bluffs. WPT online poker has many variations, each with its rules for play.

However, standard rules apply across the board regarding some circumstances, and learning them will make it easier and enjoyable to play the variations. Therefore, you need to understand these rules to enjoy the game and stand a chance of winning.

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The Hand Rankings And Aim Of The Game

The aim of WPT poker online is to win pots. Players accomplish this by bluffing their opponents into folding or making strong hands at showdown. The higher the hand, the higher the chances of winning at the showdown. A damaged or marked card will be considered dead to prevent collusion and cheating. The exception is when a player mucks their hand due to incorrect information, but the house will decide.

Taking a seat at a poker table requires you to have a buy-in. The buy-in is set at 10 in-limit games and up to 20 times the big blind amount in the no-limit games. You are allowed one buy-in per game and can only add between hands.

The Betting Limits

The betting limit in WPT poker online is the amount you can bet at a given time. These include no limit, fixed and pot limit. In no limit, you can bet any amount at any time with no maximum bet. However, the minimum amount will be the amount of the big blind.

In the fixed betting limit games, there are defined betting increments. For instance, a $2/$4 game with $1/$2 blinds will have a fixed bet size at $2 for the first betting rounds, and the limit will double to $4 in the next betting rounds.

The minimum bet in the pot betting limit is the size of the big blind, and the maximum is the pot. You can raise the pot by adding the total amount of the chips in the pot to the call amount. While the calculations in the pot limit appear complicated, playing WPT poker online takes the effort out, as a slider will show you the minimum and maximum bet in each stageon BC sports betting. 

Moves In The WPT Poker Online

There are only five acceptable moves in WPT online poker, as follows:

  • Bet – This involves putting chips into a pot voluntarily as the first player in a betting round. When a bet is made, the rest of the players should aim at matching the amount to remain in the hand.
  • Check – Checking passes a clockwise action to the following active action in the absence of a bet. The game will end if all players check in a betting round, and the next board card round will start.
  • Call – Calling entails matching the highest current bet or raise.
  • Raise – Where there is an existing bet, players can raise by making a larger bet, hence reopening betting, which the other players, including the initial, better, should match to stay in hand.
  • Fold – Folding entails throwing cards until the next hand starts.

The Bottom Line

As per the WPT online poker rules, a player should wait for their turn to act and act accordingly, failure to which may be deemed cheating resulting in being kicked out of the game. Therefore, before signing up, familiarize yourself with the rules to play safely and increase your winning chances.

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