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Since the online casino industry’s inception in the mid-1990s, this sector has evolved significantly. The result is that the overall experience is very different today – arguably better – than it was a few decades ago. That’s to be expected, given the modern technology with which modern casinos operate, and the experience is also better at real-life casinos.

But technology has also brought about another change. Namely, the online sector is moving in a different direction than the casino resort industry. Put simply: The original idea among online casino pioneers in the 1990s and 2000s was to recreate the experience of a “real” casino so players could play at home. But in 2020, we see $5 minimum deposit casinos develop new experiences – and these are designed to offer players something they can’t get at a physical casino.

New games have come to live casino

The aforementioned is best seen in the trend of live casino games. Sure, you can play blackjack and roulette with real dealers. But new genres of live casino games have been created, and these can only really be made possible by technology. A good example is Deal or No Deal (Evolution Gaming), which, like Noel Edmund’s TV show, is all about opening suitcases. But it’s played in a live studio with hundreds of players in the fray. Visit

Another new trend has come with the invention of live slot machines, and this is perhaps the most interesting for what it represents. These games are designed as in a studio format with a host (as in a TV programme) spinning the machine. Players can interact with each other and the host, betting and winning (or losing) as a community.

Playtech, the world leader in casino software, is at the forefront of this. Two of their best-known slot machines, Buffalo Blitz as well as the incredibly popular Age of the Gods: God of Storms, have been selected to be available in live casinos in the studio format described above. Playtech has specially selected these two as they are popular, have great winning potential and are easy to play. 

Games are designed to be shared

But rather than the type of game, here it’s the setting and atmosphere that matter. We spend, of course, more of our lives online – living virtually – but live slots mean it’s no longer a lonely experience. Sure, gambling isn’t for everyone, and anyone who plays casino games should play responsibly, both in terms of finances and the time spent gambling. But this type of gambling adds a new dimension to casino gaming, which may be important for the future development of this industry. 

Something similar is actually happening with video games. Modern expectations of playing a video game are different from the past, when you might have fired up the PS2 for a single-player session or a game with a buddy sitting next to you. But gaming today is about playing with others – meeting and socialising with new people in the virtual world. That’s what live slot machines offer.

As mentioned, there are plenty of other new types of games. Many like DOND live, Monopoly live and Crazy time look like TV programmes for a change. But regardless of how they differ from traditional gambling games, the important thing is that they take the solitary element out of the online casino experience. As with live slots, these are designed for you to be together when you play. In fact, you don’t even have to play along to have fun. It’s worth a try, but remember to stick to your budget and only play on sites that are approved by the gambling authorities.

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