Dating a Virgo man? This post will help you to know what to expect from a Virgo man in bed. Virgo men are not easily seen to chase a girl. Even when they like someone, they hardly make the first move. When it comes to having sex, Virgo men are thorough gentlemen. You don’t have to worry that they will touch you inappropriately in a public place or kiss you. They are very neat and punctual. They don’t expect sex after the first date. Even in bed, they are very neat. To know more awe-inspiring facts about a Virgo man in bed, read this post until the end. 

Characteristics Of A Virgo Man In Bed 

Below are the main characteristics you need to know about a Virgo man in bed: 

1: He’ll study you first

The Virgo man will spend time silently watching you before doing something in the sack. Caulk it up to their analytical nature. They need to mentally understand their personality and determine what makes them tick. Virgos have a keen eye for detail and can notice everything about you, including what you say, how you say it, and how you carry yourself. It may also include the inflection of their voice.

Once their analysis is complete, a Virgo man in bed uses this information to determine what you like and don’t. For instance, are you assertive, laid back, or passive? Finding the answers to these questions helps a Virgo man to create a plan of action once he is behind closed doors. If this sounds a little creepy, Virgos apologize. Virgos promise they’re not weirdos or anything. But without an ability to analyze, they feel somewhat lost.

On this point, they’re not the ones to hook up on a first date and don’t hold an expectation to “get some” on the second. When you think of their sign, think slow and patient like Taurus.

2: He’ll let you take the lead

This trait goes hand in hand with what Virgos mentioned above. Their personalities tend to be laid back and go with the flow. This doesn’t mean they can’t be assertive or aggressive. Virgo men can be. But it is their nature to let you guide the process before moving forward.

Once they’ve been with you a few times, they’re good at building on insights gained from experience. Once accomplished, they lean into this knowledge for future encounters.Does this make Virgos somewhat passive? Not at all. Passivity is only present in the early stages of a partnership. Things get a lot more serious after that.

3: They dig oral

Virgos won’t go into much detail here because this is a G-Rated post. Let’s just say that they really dig oral activities – a lot. And it’s not a one-sided thing either. Giving and receiving both bring a Virgo man in bed, intense joy.

Now Virgos need to preface the above by saying they are clean freaks. If they detect foul smells or odors, it will likely turn Virgo man in bed off. Contrarily, you can expect that before getting it on, they’re going to spend a considerable amount of time attending to personal hygiene. Yep, a Virgo man needs to take a shower before intimacy can happen.

4: A Virgo man In bed is a neat freak

Some guys, like Cancer men, choose to do it in their own homes. They’re not too caught up in the where. But if the place they do it isn’t clean, it can be a turn-off. In other words, Virgo men tend to be neat freaks.

If given a choice, they much prefer making love to you in an uncluttered environment. I’m the first to admit this can take away from things being spontaneous. However, you came here for the real deal, so that’s what you are getting.

5: They dig body worship

While not applicable on all Virgo males, most Virgo men in bed are into health and fitness. Because they like taking care of their bodies, they get turned on when you notice their bodies during intimacy.

A lot of Virgo men like to flex their muscles while having their chest and biceps worshiped. Talking of the upper body, did you know that their pecs are hardwired to their privates? Yep, they sure are. Consider what Virgosjust told you a big hint.

Here’s another one. Whenever they are around their natural birthstone sapphire, it has a strange effect on us. For whatever reason, it turns Virgo man in bed into beasts!

6: Nighttime works best

Some Virgo men are the “morning types” and others, night. When it comes to sex, most Virgo men dig getting it on after dark. The reason is simple. By nature, they are worrywarts. The anxiety they feel comes on strong at dawn and, as time goes on, dissipates. If you are looking to catch Virgo men in bed at their peak libido, think bedtime or shortly before hitting the hay.

7: You won’t have to guess

This may come across as harsh, but I’m just telling it like it is. For things to happen under the sheets, Virgo men must feel a deep attraction to you. Virgo males, unlike Pisces moon men, aren’t very good at faking it. And so, what you are hearing me say, is that they’re either into you or not. If there is an attraction, you’ll know right away. If there isn’t one, they’ll be gentle but upfront.

8: Passionate and warm

Intimacy for Virgo man in bed is usually characterized by a high degree of passion and warmth. When they are with you, they’re centered and focused, meaning they are mindfully present.

And when things get humid, there are some signals that can keep a cool gap. Men born under the sign of Virgo aren’t built that way. They seem to be straightforward because they are earth signals. They enjoy the physical, natural connection that being close to someone can provide, and vanilla is very satisfying to them. It’s not about the particular act for us; it’s about the feelings we’re experiencing at the time. As a result, their enthusiasm grows.

9: Conversation stimulates us

I’m not sure how else to put it, so I’ll just say it. Virgos are the intellectuals of the zodiac. As a prelude to getting it on, they like the buildup. Part of this entails engaging in stimulating discussions with you to help you form a mental connection. The subjects aren’t particularly relevant. The topics aren’t all that important. But what does matter is their ability to engage in dialogue and challenge their thinking.

Behind closed doors, verbal is a turn-on. No, not anything over the top. But occasional remarks tend to get their juices flowing.

10: Trust is key

This may seem odd, but confidence is a crucial component in the process of making love. Virgo simply means that taking things to the next level necessitates a high level of confidence. A portion of this occurs naturally as a result of spending time with you. The more interest they have in you, the closer they feel to you. In turn, this makes it possible for them to engage in things that may be outside of their natural comfort zone. Once this link has been established, they’re down for almost anything. In almost all cases, however, it will be up to you to initiate.

Final Words

In this post, you can get to know about the prevalent characteristics of a Virgo man in bed. If you loved reading this post, our blog section has many more from this dating and sex category. Explore!! 

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